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  • Health Information Exchange. El Dorado Health Consulting (EHC) can assist in design of an HIE project, seek vendor software and/or develop software to support it, and assist in software integration, use of standards, system implementation and support.

  • Healthplan Interim Management/Operations. EHC can supply an interim chief or operating executive for a healthplan while a permanent individual is recruited. An interim executive may also be appropriate if the healthplan is in need of turnaround and, when stable, will require an executive fitted to a operating role vs. problem diagnosis and significant short-term change.

  • Interim IT Management / Software and Website Development. EHC management has substantial experience in IT management from working with troubled operations, meeting software development deadlines, browser-based system development, data base structuring, etc. EHC can provide support to an existing IT operation or take responsibility for a project, projects or for the IT function on an interim basis.

  • Strategy. EHC management has been involved in a number of strategic projects and planning processes and can assist in developing strategic plans, business plans, and tactical plans based on an elected strategy.

  • PBM Procurement and ePrescribing. With the annual escalation of average wholesale price (AWP), PBM contracts beyond their initial term typically leave money on the table that the healthplan or other organization could retain. EHC will be pleased to explain this opportunity. ePrescribing is incentivized up to 4% of Medicare allowed healthcare cost beginning in 2009. EHC can assist in implementation of ePrescribing and provide guidance to obtaining the incentives.

  • Project Management. EHC is particularly effective at managing high-importance projects in tight timeframes. The experience cited on this website is a compilation of dozens of successful projects, each carefully managed.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions. EHC staff have been involved in finding a buyer for a systems company and in assessing a number of potential acquisitions. EHC may be a useful partner for some limited scope M&A opportunities.

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