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Interim IT Management / Software and Website Development

• For Partnership HealthPlan of California, as CIO, reporting to CEO, reorganized IT department, bringing in new staff and developing functional work teams. Developed and worked to three-year IT strategic plans. Procured hardware and software, sometimes at significant negotiated discounts. Developed a suite of eHealth applications including eligibility, referrals and authorizations, claims status checking, eligibility roster downloading, and Web-based claims submission. Developed a browser-based medical management system to replace an inadequate legacy system component. The new medical management system interfaces transparently with the legacy system. Though grant funding, led the development of a regional information-sharing system – encounters, lab results and prescriptions – and the development of an ER-to-clinic appointment scheduling system, a preventive prompts system, and an automated member call system. Led development of several websites. Winner of Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG) Healthplan of the Year 2005. Responsible for 15 staff and a $2.4 million operating budget plus a large share of the healthplan capital budget.

• For Community Health Group, as consulting interim director of IT for this healthplan associated with a number of community health centers, improved general IT functioning and maintained progress on various healthplan initiatives. Worked with managed care system vendor to seek solutions to long-standing functional problems.

• For University of California, San Diego, Extension, as instructor and faculty advisor in IT and healthcare, developer of Active Server Pages certificate program.

• For Greater San Diego Health Plan, as VP administration of this 140,000-member physician-controlled HMO, responsible for information systems and other departments (hospital and ancillary contracting, capitated provider arrangements, claims processing, a 50,000-member PPO, pharmacy, CoB and third party recovery). Reorganized information systems department and completed and implemented a new managed care information systems. Worked closely with claims department to enable streamlined processing of certain types of claims. Responsible for: $70M contracts, $5M expense, 150 employees.

• For Whittaker Health Services, as senior VP, based in Westwood, CA, reporting to the CEO of this national HMO subsidiary of Whittaker, responsible for the national IT function. Selected an information system and MIS director and implemented systems, all on-time and substantially under budget, in 30 locations in 20 states.

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